Party Booking Terms and Conditions

By ticking the ‘I Agree To Gourmet Kids Terms And Conditions’ box you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as detailed below:

Booking: At the time of booking we will take a $100 non-refundable deposit to secure your party date.

Confirmation and payment:  You will receive a call from a Gourmet Kids staff member in the week leading up to your party to run through all your party requirements, where changes additions and deletions can be made.  Final confirmation of  the number of attendees is required on the Monday. An invoice will be generated and emailed to you on the Monday or Tuesday – payment is required by 3pm the Thursday prior to your party – payment options are bank transfer, we charge your credit card plus 2% merchant fees, or via paypal including the 3% paypal merchant fee.  Please email confirmation of payment when paying by bank transfer.  Payment will be made on your behalf (using the credit card provided for the deposit) on the Friday morning prior to your party should the balance remain outstanding at this time.

Please be aware that our standard party packages are based on a minimum of 12 attendees (incl birthday child) and  no refunds will be given for children who do not turn up on the day.

Arrival on the day: Please arrive only 5 minutes prior to your party.  This will allow us time to clean and set up between parties, and ensure we are ready to greet you at this time.

Group Photo:We are happy to provide this personalized service and momento.  After the cooking session while all the children are still dressed in their chef’s outfits, our staff will line all of the children up and take a group photo. Your photo will then be sent to our photographer for enhancement, complete with a digital personalised frame, which will be emailed to you approx 1-2 weeks after your party.  A hard copy photo can also be supplied for a small additional cost.

Please note:  Taking a group photo during the party is part of the Gourmet kids program.  Should you wish to do your own group photo and thus not pay the $18 charge – this can only be done at the end of the party.  If a group photo is taken during the party, it is at Gourmet Kids’ discretion, to charge the $18 for the photo, whether or not the photo is taken by Gourmet Kids.

Special promotional price:  We are currently running a special discounted offer which is not available to the entertainment book voucher.  Standard package prices are Basic $400.00 Complete $450  and Extrafun $500.00.

Extras on the day:   additional children or adult catering will be invoiced and charged to your credit card on the Monday following your party.   A receipt will be sent as confirmation for your record.

Health & Safety: We operate similar to a cafe’ and provide hot and cold food and drinks, which can be pre arranged and ordered prior to the party, or requested and purchased on the day. Accordingly, we ask that you respect our business and not bring in outside food and drinks without prior arrangement with us.   Should any outside food or drink be brought in without our knowledge or approval, it is at Gourmet kids discretion that you will be charged a $10-$20 cover fee, according to the level of clean up required (similar practices to those conducted in licensed restaurants with regard to byo alcohol).

I authorise Gourmet Kids to contact my family doctor or any other doctor in case of an emergency.

I agree that Gourmet Kids may make any reasonable decisions in relation to any medical situation affecting my child and their guests, including calling qualified medical staff and/or ambulance etc. I accordingly agree to release and indemnify Gourmet Kids from all claims arising out of such a situation.

I acknowledge that Gourmet Kids does not accept liability for any property damage or loss or personal injury howsoever caused, including negligence by my child, other children and adults including visitors and staff. I accordingly agree to release and indemnify Gourmet Kids from all claims for property damage or loss or personal injury.

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