Introducing the Team at Gourmet Kids

We have a large team who are happy to help and assist the children with their cooking challenges when mixing our great recipes prove a challenge beyond their years or ability.

Introducing a few members of our Staff:


Hi I’m Bianca, my friends call me BB or B. I love working at Gourmet Kids as it give me the opportunity to get to know both parents and children.

I have always enjoyed cooking at home with my mum and sisters. My favourite is to make pastries and yummy cakes!

I have been working at Gourmet Kids for a long time now  (approx 3 years) and I feel that each time I come in and become part of your parties I get better and better.

I love to do many things with my spare time but cooking and being at Gourmet kids are high at the top of the list.

DIANA – “DIN”din

Hi, I’m Diana – Din Din to my friends. My studies in interior design enable me to be imaginative, adding colour & flair in the kitchen at Gourmet Kids.

How super – assisting kids in the joys of cooking at their cool birthday party & getting paid!! Like any event, there’s the clean up & preparation which is tough but certainly rewarding.

At home I also like to cook – ravioli is my all time favourite, with Indian & Mexican food equal second. I love my food hot, hot, HOTTER.

I have a little girl Holly, who I overdose with love. In fact, my husband often jokes I have had to redraw on my love from him to give Holly extra!!


I studied home economics in New Zealand and have a love of cooking and being creative!  With two children of my own I noticed that my children had a natural interest in cooking and loved helping me in the kitchen.  I started Gourmet Kids over 10 years ago, and it has been a joy teaching children, from kinder age through to teenagers, a variety of healthy dishes (including sweet treats just for fun) that are yummy and fun to make.  Our birthday parties are well known and are a  huge success, with many children returning to celebrate again the following year!


I am a pastry chef but enjoy cooking all types of cuisines.  When I travel I spend much of my time in delis, food markets and of course restaurants.  I started from very young cooking with my mum who is an amazing cook, always trying  new recipes.  I have spent 2 years nannying in London and as of this year I will be working with children with special needs.  I adore children so I guess I have the both worlds working at Gourmet Kids!


Hi, I’m Gemma. I’ve been working with food or kids in one capacity or another since my first job in High School at a kid’s cafe and play centre. Since then I’ve worked in various restaurants around the world and am now completing a Diploma of Education  so I can become a Primary School Teacher. I’m excited to be at Gourmet Kids because it combines my love of cooking and food with my passion to work with kids.


Hi my name is lily! I had my birthday party at Gourmet Kid’s when I was younger, and I remember being in such a kind and friendly environment, I knew this would be a great place to work, so here I am! I am one of the newest member’s to the team, I love working with kid’s and of course have a big passion for cooking, (especially dessert’s) making Gourmet Kid’s the perfect combination! I have grown up with cooking in my family, my mum and grandma always looking to try a new recipe or cook the perfect lemon tart! I am a person who loves adventure and always looking to try something new!