Please refer “timetable” for our detailed schedule of dates times – recipe options/choices will be discussed at the start of each class – as there are 2-3 recipes covered during each class we are confident the children will be happy with the selections on the day, however  prior discussion and requests are welcome when booking – don’t forget to ask about our “additional serves option” 


9.00-12.00   morning session  $40
making a combo of 2-3 savoury/sweet dishes

12.00-1.00 lunch time (byo)
–        during this time the morning class participants are welcome to stay on till the afternoon class starts at 1.00pm
–       the afternoon class participants are welcome to arrive early and join the morning class for lunch

1.00-4.00   afternoon session  $40
making a combo of 2-3 savoury/sweet dishes

9.00-4.00   all day session  $70
making a combo of 4-6 savoury/sweet dishes

remember to bring containers to take home all your lovely “childmade” treats and wares


Group booking discounts – call to discuss 

Make your booking early to avoid missing out Contact us to make arrangements



advanced cupcake making & decorating       image 1      image 2      image 3        image 4

pizza sweet/savoury making                               image 1      image 2      image 3

fun recipes                                                    image 1      image 2       image 3

sweet recipes                                                image1       image2        image3    image4                           

advanced sweet recipes                                image 1

savoury recipes                                               image1       image2 

herb terrarium                                               image 1