Should your child have an allergy, please feel free to call us to discuss both your concerns and requirements - I'm sure together we will easily be able to find ingredient substitutes and a work around for you.

Please note that we offer a bring your own cake/party food option, so if you are a guest attending please check with your party host first.


Generally your host family will communicate any allergies and special requirements for their party directly with us – so we suggest that you discuss your special needs with them. However if the allergy or special requirement is of a complex nature please feel free to contact us directly, or let us know in advance to work through all your concerns.

For anyone with a food allergy concern, please relax - our knowledgable staff have over ten year's experience in the business, and we list all of our ingredients both in our recipes list and in our allergies logbook in our Malvern shop. We can also provide substitute recipes and food items, simply let us know before you attend a party or class.


No nuts are used during Gourmet Kids baking parties, however please be aware that manufacturers carry nut-trace warnings on the packaging of cocoa (used in our baking) and chocolates (used in our baking and our lolly bags).

Sesame seeds

Don’t worry, sesame seeds are only used in our cheese straws and sushi recipe which is very unlikely to be selected for your party.

Gluten/wheat free

Catering for your celiac child is not a problem for us – in fact it is very common and we are very familiar with your requirements. On the day we ask – if ok with you – your child participates along with the rest of the children and make an item for a sibling or parent to enjoy.  Don’t despair your child won’t miss out - we will to make up a special wheat free/gluten free item (using the appropriate ingredients) for your child to take home, as making one from scratch on the day is a little tricky to factor in with issues of potential contamination etc. and we therefore have opted for this safer approach. If this is not possible for you – please contact us to discuss your specific needs and we will be happy to work out something with you. Substitute items are provided for your child at the party table too, with a large range of products now available – relax they will not go hungry and miss out on any food!


We use the Birds Eye - Captain Hook variety of fish fingers which is produced using Hoki fish. Margarita pizzas/pizza muffins or pasties can be swapped with the fish fingers if there is an allergy or dislike for this food item – please advise your host if you have any issues with fish.


To date we have not used or served any meat items. We have specifically chosen this approach based on discussions with the health department and the high risk meat products present in storage and serving. We care for your children’s wellbeing and are not willing to compromise their health.


Only vegetarian – Nimbin or Coles shredded mozzarella cheeses are used as most other cheeses contain rennet.


If you have any concerns or allergy to dairy products (foods or ingredients) this is not a problem for us, as we can simply exchange the dairy margarine used for a non dairy variety plus substitute any other dairy item for a non dairy replacement.   Please check  sections, what to cook and the party food items gourmet kids supply.


Whilst we do not use kosher listed products, no meat, gelatine or rennet is present in the recipes and items made by the children, nor contained in the party food supplied. If you have a special requirement for a strictly kosher party please feel free to contact us on 98245979 to discuss your specific needs.


Not all of our recipes contain egg. Should your child have a raw or cooked egg allergy, please refer to the what to cook section where the ingredients are listed for each recipe, and either discuss this with your party host or contact us directly prior to your session.

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