No Gourmet Kids birthday party is complete without one of our special personalised cakes. We order your cake based on the number of guests, and we provide napkins, plates, spoons and candles - and excellent Happy Birthday voices as well!  If you plan to share the birthday cake with the adults, we suggest that you upgrade to the next size.  

We can have our professional cake maker copy any design and style you have in mind, supply an icecream cake with 3 flavours with any printed image or writing on top or you have the option of bringing your own cake with a small cover charge for the supply of plates candles napkins and spoons.  However, if you would like to bring all your cake requirements (bar the knife) we are happy to remove this charge.


Let us know what you have in mind and our pastry chef will be happy to accommodate - it is best to call to discuss your requirements 

Cake flavour options are:  chocolate mud, white chocolate mud, rainbow swirl which chocolate mud, caramel mud, lemon citrus mud, red velvet mud, chocolate orange mud, vanilla or chocolate sponge  




We recommend our personalised ice cream cakes made to your idea, taste and design as these are very reasonably priced and beautifully personalised with Happy Birthday your child's name and age, along with a decorated theme of your choice. 

Our ice cream cakes are all well presented and decorated with your choice of imagery in photographic quality printed onto edible rice paper (your choice is limitless - Disney themes, animals, sport or abstract,  as well as the ability to scan your child's photo).  Please send us an image of what you would like on the top of your cake - a $15 printing fee will apply - no additional charge if you wish to have just writing only.  


FLAVOURS: choose any 3 of the following flavours 

vanilla, chocolate, coconut, strawberry, choc mint, banana, hokey pokey, cookies n cream, coffee, bubble gum, rainbow, cinnamon donut, salted caramel, lemon sorbet, raspberry sorbet, mango sorbet


MIX INS: choose any of the following - $8.90 per selection

tM&M's, Flake, Tim Tams, Maltesers, Oreos, Freddo Frog, Kit Kat, Mint Slice, Honey Comb, 100's 1000's, Wagon Wheels

SERVING YOUR CAKE ON THE DAY - We think ice cream cones are a fun way to eat ice cream, however, please advise us if you would like your cake plated.  

Litres Servings Price Extra price for mix Ins as above
Small shape round/square    1.3  12 $39.90      $8.90
Medium shape
round/squareLarge shape








Large shape rectangle

Xlarge shape rectangle















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