We’ve divided our party cooking recipes up into age groups to help you decide which one will be the most suitable.

If you are interested in a particular recipe outside your child’s age group, we will happily adapt this for their party. We also welcome personalised recipes should your budding chef already have a favourite.

If you would like to see more information on any of the below, including the ingredients used and the recipe activities, please click on any of the underlined options and it will bring up some images

Ages 2-5

Achievable with the assistance from staff or their carer if present

  • Happy faces – 1½ hour party
  • Lollipops – 1½ hour party
  • Wands & swords – 1½ hour party
  • Choc Brownie - 1½ hour party 
  • themed cookies   - 1½ hour party 
  • individual mini cakes  - 1½-2 hour party 

Ages 6-9

Assistance given when and where required to achieve the following:

Ages 10-13

The 10-13 year olds can make all of the recipes above, as well as the following:

  • Edible art – 2 hour party
  • Glamour hands – 1½ – 2 hour party
  • Orange cake – 2 hour party
  • Molten chocolate  cupcakes – 1-2½-  hour party
  • Upside down cake – 2 hour party
  • Sushi – 1.5-2 hour party (small additional cost to cover additional ingredients)
  • Pizza – 1.5-2 hour party  (small additional cost to cover additional ingredients)
  • Zoo animals – 1½ hour party
  • Iced cupcakes – 2-2½-  hour party (special piping items can be provided for a small additional cost)
  • Zebra cookies/chocolate crinkle cookies  – 1½ hour party 
  • Black magic cake  – 1½ hour party (new 2014 image n/a)
  • Delicious raspberry + almond shortbread thumbprints  – 1½ hour party (image n/a)
  • Witches fingers  – 1½ hour party 
  • Choc Brownie – 1½ hour party (image n/a)
  • Snickerdoodles  – 1½ hour party (image n/a)
  • Healthy banana cookies –  1½ hour party (image n/a)
  • Savoury scrolls  – 1½ -2 hour party 

New - Competition Bake Off Option

SIFT WHISK BAKE .................


  • WHAT WILL YOU MAKE  .................


    • READY STEADY COOK ............ designed for kids aged 7 to 13 years old

Kids love to cook and are super creative, that’s why we’ve created our New Bake Off Option! This party will give your children the opportunity to learn an amazing new recipe, HAVE FUN and get creative with designing their delicious edible masterpieces!



We can send a host straight to your nominated venue, with all the necessary equipment and ingredients to bake up a storm with your party guests. Structured similar to a cooking game show contest, this great party will allow kids to experiment with creative design, cooking style games and most of all, have an amazing time learning about what goes into their favourite meals and delicious desserts!

Yummy treats taste always taste better when you’ve made them yourself!

Mouthwatering fun!

Choose your favourite menu item for the party to design, cook and eat!!

  • Designer/Signature Cookies
  • Cupcakes
  • Sticky Date pudding
  • Savoury Scrolls
  • Sushi
  • Sweet Pizza
  • Savoury Pizza

How the party runs:

We come to a venue of your choice and bring almost everything. All we’ll need is access to a cooktop or oven (almost any kitchen is fine) and a large bench top to work on!

The kids dress up in aprons and chefs hats, followed by a quick lesson in hygiene and kitchen safety and then let the party begin! Over the duration of the party, the kids will –

  • Work in teams to design a central theme for their creations!
  • Bake and decorate one product per child!
  • Compete in game-show style fun games!
  • Be over joyed by their own creations and celebrate their creativity



Our party packs are competitively priced. Please refer to our party packages section or call us on 98245979 for a chat, recommendation and quote on the best party pack to meet your needs and requirements.

Keep in mind – the kids eat what they make but you are welcome to organise additional food/snacks for your party!

Party Duration:

1.5 to 2 hours typically – can be tailored as required.

Ages 13+ Design Your Own Party!

The Yes we run parties for teens!!!   We think that at this age you have both the intellect and capability to design your cooking party and experience for yourself and your guests and we are here to support you pull this off!!

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